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Event and Portrait Photography

Welcome to Photography by Harvey G. Payne. I am available for event or portrait photography at very reasonable rates. Allow me to capture your events in photos you will treasure for years to come, while you just enjoy the event. To discuss my photographing your event please e-mail me at photos@harveypayne.net.

I use state of the art digital cameras and photo editing software to give you high quality prints that will last for decades. Many people have the misconception that digital image quality can not be compared to traditional film quality. In this modern era, digital image quality in fact supersedes traditional film quality and capabilities. Digital imaging truly gives the photographer many alternatives in enhancing your most treasured moments. Digital imaging along with digital editing allows me to create a final photo that supercedes any image captured on film and processed through a traditional lab.

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Photo Gallery

Welcome to my galleries of scenic photos. Within this gallery you will find photographs exploring both natural and man-made beauty observed and captured during my travels or events I've attended. Please browse to your hearts content and order full-sized prints of anything you take a fancy to in the gallery. All photographs are available for sale as high-quality prints.

This gallery changes regularly so revisit often to see new additions. If you found one you like, please order it now because it may not be offered much longer.

Android Apps

Android Applications

Now for something completely different, but not really. For over 30 years I have worked professionally in the software development industry. While I continue to enjoy working in that arena, I've taken a sidestep into developing my own Android Apps. I'm really excited about the platform and the framework they've created for individual developers to easily create and market their own apps. While I am just learning the Android development environment, I do bring decades of previous experience to the table and am excited to explore where this road takes me.

Any apps I've developed and support thereof can be found in the Sidebar Menu to the right. Explore, download, install, and enjoy. Hey, and if you like what you've installed, please click an ad or two to send some money my way and also share the app with your friends who might also find it useful.

Image Gallery

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Website Construction

Please forgive me while I update this website to something this decade. It has fallen victim to little attention from me while I busy myself with other activities. Come back soon when more of this site will hopefully work.


Harvey G. Payne